Vaping As a Smoking Cessation Tool: Longterm Improvements?

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Understanding Vaping From a Former Smokers Perspective While we have seen trends that suggest populations, particularly a growing number of youth in the 18-24 year old range, and even younger, are trying vaping devices for the first time prior to smoking itself and never having smoked- it is important to bear in mind these devices […]

E-Cigs: “A Lifestyle Choice?” Why Are Young Non-Smokers Vaping?

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Reasons, Myths, Social Constructs, and Trends With Changing Times From a sociological perspective, we typically shun smoking and view it as reasonably “bad” and “unhealthy,” a fairly accurate assessment with proven data, fair or not to those who partake in the habit for whatever reason or however they picked up the habit to begin with. […]

Vaping: Energy, Mood, and Appetite

Examining Main Motivating Factors Behind a Growing Trend In thinking about the varying reasons you may begin or continue vaping, either with a strong motivation to quit or not, you may begin to at least ponder your reasons for continual use. While we all have different motivating factors that may impact continuing to use nicotine […]

Vaping & E-Cig Novices: Most Commonly Made Mistakes

If you’re looking to quit smoking, experiment with new vapes on the market, or vape for the first time, you often fall risk to marketing campaigns, misinformation, oversaturated and conflicting opinions, which may result in some troubleshooting errors in getting started. This is not just normal, it is by far the norm, but in reality the process should be fun and enjoyable.

Your first hit should be nothing short of pleasurable, strong (as desired) and a penny well spent.

So what are some common mistakes made by those new to vaping and how can you select a device that is right for you and your needs without falling victim to the aforementioned boobytraps along the way? Note: not code for attractive vaping staff employees in revealing tops attempting up-sell, but rather a complicated digital category rich with misinformation.

This should be an exciting, carefree time and one accompanied by updated accurate information to help you make the best choice for your vaping needs and purchasing decision, and ultimately have the most enjoyable user experience. And a celebratory one if it is in effort to stop smoking!