Vaping & E-Cig Novices: Most Commonly Made Mistakes

Maximize Your Experience In Getting Started For The “Sexiest” User Experience

If you’re looking to quit smoking, experiment with new vapes on the market, or vape for the first time, you often fall risk to marketing campaigns, misinformation, oversaturated and conflicting opinions, which may result in some troubleshooting errors in getting started. This is not just normal, it is by far the norm, but in reality the process should be fun and enjoyable. Your first hit should be nothing short of pleasurable, strong (as desired) and a penny well spent. So what are some common mistakes made by those new to vaping and how can you select a device that is right for you and your needs without falling victim to the aforementioned boobytraps along the way? Note: not code for attractive vaping staff employees in revealing tops attempting up-sell, but rather a complicated digital category rich with misinformation. This should be an exciting, carefree time and one accompanied by updated accurate information to help you make the best choice for your vaping needs and purchasing decision, and ultimately have the most enjoyable user experience. And a celebratory one if it is in effort to stop smoking!

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Here Are Some Common Mistakes Amongst Vaping Novices To Avoid:

Opting For Only Name Brands or The Most “Trending” Devices

While it’s tempting to succumb to a popular name brand device, specifically Juul, as it seems like the easiest and most obvious option for starters with limited background and has gained the most followers and growing notoriety that continues to attract novices, these devices are not always the best options in terms of quality, functionality or pricing. So when you’re starting out with a new device, it’s best to get a sense of the market by reading online reviews, speaking with friends with more experience, and visiting local smoke shops to compare and contrast options. Ensure the employees act with transparency by providing several options and answering any questions you may have. Often you can find different less expensive models with larger pods that work just as well as Juul (for example), but the overriding point is to not jump on whatever is popular at the time and to research and consider different options prior to purchase. The biggest mistake in this case is walking in to purchase a Juul starter pack with zero background on the matter and free of any follow up questions or skepticism. Research, communicate with those with experience, and get the best device for your money, desires, and desired nicotine percent. I personally prefer Aspire and other leading brands, and would highly recommend exploring those options as well, as they have in numerous options for selection based on unique preferences. I have also heard incredible recommendations on the Aspire Breeze 2, spoken of as the single best portable vape on the market (and not at all expensive). Battery lasts all day, with a 3ml coil that lasts 5 days, and excellent airflow. After this recommendation I will definitely be trying this piece as well, which is also quite portable and compact.

Nicotine Percent

It’s important to consider nicotine percentage for several reasons. First, if you are a smoker, you will likely want to opt for the same level to start with, and mention this to whomever you are working with or purchasing from. Another important consideration is if the device will allow you to decrease your nicotine volume over time. For example, with Juul, you can only exclusively replace cartridges with the company pods and will never be able to supplement with a salt based juice or lower your content. It’s usually preferable to opt for a device that functions with other juices not exclusive to their brand, and certainly ones you can opt to lower in terms of nicotine volume, as vaping was conceptualized around that to begin with (but perhaps has devolved into an entirely different market).

Choices Based on Pricing

Another common rookie error is to spring for the least expensive device on the market or pick up a Logic E-Cig pen or Blu cigs in hopes the job will suffice, but especially if you are still trying to quit smoking, you are prone to filling quite unfulfilled and these devices often break and are prone to manufacturing issues. I have tried cheap devices, specifically the logic pen, and the battery was atrocious, with no feeling of satiety at all following use.

I am uncertain of the practical applications of devices like this for smokers or non-smokers, and do not recommend investing in cheap devices, but rather more high quality devices with less expensive options for pod or fluid replacement per quantity. Visiting actual smoke shops with high reputations generally trumps a 7/11 or bodega purchase.

So while it may be tempting to go for the lowest cost item, you will likely save money annually by opting for a pricier piece with more high quality features and lower cost pods in the long run. Not to mention, the flavors and options with higher quality devices are exponentially better.

Selecting The Wrong Juices

I have to admit that as a prior novice to the vaping and smoke industry at large, I was extremely attracted to flavors like “cereal” or “peanut butter,” incorrectly assuming that any device would support any juice.

But devices, juices, and flavors are all so highly variable, I never could have imagine this, and it was like transcending into a different format of smokable liquids. With some devices, like the aforementioned Juul, you cannot even opt to use other liquids or salt based refills, you must continue purchasing the company pods indefinitely and with no variation. Other devices will support limited salt based refills, and it’s also highly important to consider the PG to VP ratio, in order to prevent a sore throat.

Your local store employees should be able to help you with this, and to learn more about this terminology you may also visit this site here. Ultimately, the types of juices you want to use and try will be an important factor in determining what type of device is right for you, and how much variation you’re seeking. It’s also never advisable to select a liquid based on color or aesthetic.

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Coil Mistakes

Coils require changes, which can be days-months dependent on the device and set up. If you are getting a burning taste upon inhalation, chances are you need a replacement coil. If you burn out all the liquid in the coil then you’re prone to dry inhales and burning, or even hot liquid in the mouth. It may also cause product spillage. No Bueno.


When you first get your device, suffice to say it can be a very exciting process and you may have a natural inclination to continually puff on it, or even take too many hits at once. This can cause burning to the throat or even from the device. It’s important to pace yourself as there is no “end game” or metric to figure out use as there would be with cigarettes. Ultimately, it’s mostly advisable to simply stop when you feel satiated and progress from there if more is desired. You have been warned!

Forgetting to Wash Devices

It’s really important to maintenance coils, components and all parts of devices in order to ensure product longevity and maximum product efficiency. Not washing parts or changing coils efficiently can result in burning, performance malfunction, and even product expiration. Especially with more expensive pieces, it’s also always a shame to see product go to waste due to issues which had simple resolutions. Simple precautions can prevent and maintain your device quite simply.

Reading Reviews Carefully (Or Lack Thereof)

Online reviews can be very powerful, so if you see a lot of commonality (positive or negative), this is a great way to understand product performance and general trends, its generally best to use the highest and most rated reviews to glean the most information. You can use additional search criteria for factors that are important to you, like battery life or juice compatibility.

Use this in conjunction with friends advice and other forums, and you are on your way to your perfect piece.

Battery Issues

Everyone who has vaped or vapes knows one of the most important factors involved in the process is battery life. There is nothing quite as frustrating as needing a hit badly and discovering the battery has died, or continues to die throughout the day and night. Some vapes (cheaper ones typically, but you will also find this with more expensive models) have only lasted an hour for a full charge. Therefore, it is extremely important that you ask your vendor about battery life in the same way you would coil changing time.

It is also important to study these specs online prior to compare. and contrast with what you’re told in store.

Start With What You Can Handle

f you are extremely new to vaping, hookah, or other products of this nature then it may be best to opt for something more moderate as a jumping off point. While more advanced models can be fun, it may be best, depending on your own experiences and preferences, to start with a simpler and portable pen style vape that can be refilled with different pods (as well as other e-liquids, so you aren’t trapped into one brand). My top recommendations are the Vaptio C-Flat Executive Vape (can be filled with salt e-liquids or pods), and the slightly more advanced portable Aspire Breeze 2.

Important Factors For First Time Vape Users To Remember:

  • Do Not Simply Go with the cheapest device, it is important to remember to invest in a high quality piece that will go the distance (this also does not mean the most expensive will be the highest quality)
  • Do a high degree of research via several methods prior to purchase to select the device correct for you
  • Speak to friends in your network with more industry experience who may provide helpful ideas about devices, product duration, and flavors
  • Invest in a piece that may be too intense for a newcomer may not be wise, and you may wish to stat with a simpler pen
  • Consider battery life prior to purchase: this is an incredibly important factor
  • For safety, try to ensure no overuse when you first receive the device, which can be quite tempting, but can cause some lightheadedness 
  • Work with trusted retailers and stores with good reviews and transparent reputations, they tend to have lots of local customers and high reviews online
  • Do remember to research or ask about the type of juice you will want to use with your device
  • Do bear in mind nicotine level compared to current smoke status, and find vendors with options for decreasing doses
  • Do not keep your vape activated in your purse or wallet, as it can affect battery performance
  • Change coils and make sure to keep devices very clean
  • Have fun!

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