Our Story

For starters, thank you for visiting.

My name is Martin and I am the founder of Belivio. My experience into the “vaping world” is probably familiar to many, it began with gas station “e-cigarettes”, and with time, I was into building out my own RDA’s. 

I started vaping for one reason – to quit smoking cigarettes. I was fortunate enough that throughout my teenage years, I strayed away from cigarettes, and that was mostly due to my obligation as an athlete. I was on track to play for a D1 school for tennis, and my performance on the court was more important than any vice. 

In the 4th year of college, when my last season was beginning to wind down, I randomly picked up my first cigarette. I can’t explain why, but I did, and at first it was 1 cigarette per day, then 2, then 3, and before I knew it, I was a pack a day smoker. 

By this point I was out of college, and I was simply a “recreational athlete”, playing tennis and pickup basketball games from time to time. It didn’t take long for me to notice that cigarettes were a detriment to my cardio, but even then, I continued to be a smoker for the next two years. 

The first e-cigarette that I tried was the well known “Blu” device sold at nearly all gas stations. That device did very little towards getting me of cigarettes so my first attempt at quitting was a fail. 

Months later, I tried again, but this time I went into an actual vape store and received a proper recommendation for a vape device. Within weeks, I was smoking cigarettes less and less, to the point that I can now say that I haven’t smoked a single cigarette in 4 years. Hooray. 

Even better, two of my family members were avid smokers, and I introduced the both of them to vaping, and they’ve both successfully quit smoking. More noteworthy, my father, a smoker for 40+ years has now been cigarette-free since 2017.

Vaping has helped me, my family, and millions out there to quit smoking and pick up a safer alternative. With that being said, the industry isn’t perfect.

Throughout my years of vaping, I’ve had my fair share of poor devices, and disgusting e-liquid. I’ve founded Belivio in an attempt to raise the bar on the current e-liquids on the market. 

Belivio will be an e-liquid company that places emphasis on flavor and customer experience. While we’ll never have 30+ flavors as other companies may have, the flavors that we will have – are worth it.